We have been active in the Dutch cannabis market for more than 25 years and have a great deal of knowledge and experience. We are passionated and stand for innovation, quality and professionalism. We have an extensive international (Dutch and European) network in all segments of the cannabis industry, with local, national and international governments, at universities and research institutes and with politicians. We integrate knowledge about the entire cannabis chain, bring parties together and collect data about cannabis markets.

In the period 2012-2019 we formed the staff of Epicurus Foundation, a think tank for the regulation of the Dutch recreational cannabis market. We organized two well-attended congresses in Utrecht, The Transparent Chain I and II and took the initiative for the Grass Poll survey (9,000 respondents) and Cannabis Connect, which now includes more than 250 coffeeshops. Epicurus Foundation was thus one of the leading parties in the debate on the regulation of the Dutch recreational cannabis market.

Bart Vollenberg

Bart Vollenberg (1972) is one of the leading cannabis entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. He is a very entrepreneurial person and creative thinker with strategic focus and vision. Bart owns coffee shops in Almere and Lelystad and is the founder of Epicurus Foundation. With Epicurus Bart was on the forefront of the regulation of the Dutch recreational cannabis market.

Bart is a pure entrepreneur and understands how small changes in the business process can lead to an increase in turnover. He is an expert in  connecting (commercial) business processes with stringent laws and regulations.

t. +31 6 39392064 | bart@420consultancy.nl

Nicole Maalsté

Nicole Maalsté (1966) is an authority in the field of cannabis (markets). She is a critical person who likes to operate in new unexplored areas. For many years she supports the thinking of governments, lawyers, journalists, interest groups and political parties. She is part of the medical cannabis research team at Utrecht University and acts as a witness expert in cannabis-related lawsuits.

After studying Social Science in Utrecht, she was a researcher at several universities and research and consultancy firms for decades focusing on difficult to access (criminal) environments, including the cannabis market. In 2007 she set up the Acces Interdit project office together with Michiel Panhuysen. Together they wrote several books, including Polderwiet (2007) and De Wietindustrie (2015), and they published articles for Highlife, Rolling Stoned and the two Dutch coffeeshop unions. In addition, Nicole regularly publishes in scientific journals.

t. +31 6 28766603 | nicole@420consultancy.nl

Rutger-Jan Hebben

Rutger-Jan Hebben (1976) is a leading Dutch cannabis lobbyist. From a passionate personality and with a good sense of political-administrative relations, he has extensive experience with boardroom and management consulting. Rutger-Jan’s knowledge and expertise lies in the junction between government and business, regulation of (grey) markets, and positioning of organisations within the public debate and stakeholder landscape.

After studying Public Administration at Leiden University, Rutger-Jan gained extensive experience in politics, government, business and trade associations. In 2012 he founded LobbyLab from where he was closely involved in the regulation of the Dutch cannabis market and online gambling.

t. +31 6 31046949 | rutgerjan@420consultancy.nl


t. +31 6 31046949

t. +31 6 28766603

t. +31 6 31046949