We combine years of experience in the distribution of cannabis with knowledge and expertise. We have insight and an extensive network throughout the entire cannabis chain and expertise in researching, consulting, lobbying and regulation. On that basis we offer practical retail and grow solutions, produce thorough data and provide clear advice.

1. Retail and grow solutions

Through years of experience in running Dutch coffeeshops, we know the cannabis culture and consumer. We know better than anyone else how to respond to changing market conditions and what expectations the products must meet. We are also experts in setting up cannabis retail points that fit in the local market and comply with all laws and regulations. By cooperating with experts on all aspects of the cultivation process, we can advise on the optimization of or problems with regulated cannabis cultivation.

2. Data & research

We have been researching cannabis markets for decades. As a result, we know how to collect data in this specific market. Data that provide knowledge about the cannabis market to governments, licensed producers and other parties. Through recent research we have a very extensive set of current data. In addition, we have the necessary historical data from the Dutch cannabis market dating back to 1945. Following the Grass Poll survey completed by 9,000 Dutch cannabis consumers, we developed the 420poll. We are currently collecting data on cannabis markets in various European countries.

3. Connecting

We provide practical, clear and honest advice and have a very extensive Dutch and international network. We create commercial opportunities by connecting existing and new players in the cannabis market. We know the political-administrative processes which are connected with the regulation of (grey) markets. We are experts in setting up and implementing European lobbying and regulatory strategies and combine this with our extensive knowledge of cannabis markets.

Retail and grow solutions
Data & research


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